Over the last week, new features were added to Trizbort.io with help from dfabulich and Paolo Sfredda.

These include:

  • The map you’re working on is saved in the browser’s local storage when you close Trizbort.io. When you reopen that app, the map is restored and you can continue editing where you left off. There’s no need to constantly export to file.
  • Backspace deletes the current selection
  • Room popup no longer remains visible after you delete a room
  • Mac-specific shortcuts were added, such as Cmd-A (select all), Cmd-C (copy), Cmd-V (paste) and Cmd-Z (undo).
  • You can create a room in a direction by pressing shift+direction. If a room already exists in that direction, the selection simply moves there. That way, it’s much easier to edit a map entirely with the keyboard.
  • Trizbort.io is now available on secure HTTP.
  • Support for HiDPI retina displays was added.
  • Clicking a connector dot previously created a very small connector. Now, a connector is only created when you actually drag the mouse.
  • New render settings were added for hand-drawn line styles, font type, and font size.

Try it out!